Tactical Shooting

– Safe handling, trigger control, tactical reloading, malfunctions clearing, derivate weapon position
– Aiming at distances short, medium range, firing stances
– Demonstration of a shotgun capabilities
– CQB defensive/ offensive tactics for open and closed spaces (Room mopping-up/ Building protection)
– Use of aiming light
– Breaching
Sniper/ Designated Sniper
– Theory of sniper
– Weapon of choice familiarization (SVD Dragunov rifle)
– Range estimation, wind, temperature, target detection
– Sniper sight reticle familiarization/ use (SVD sight)
– Aiming/ firing positions (breathing, stances, trigger control, aiming tripod, support of rifle)
– Position for Marksman
– Engagement of multiple targets
– Cover and concealment
– Ghillie Suit/ camouflage

Basic foundations of a field-engineer affair (mine clearing)
 Types of explosives
 Types of explosive device
 Methods of revealing explosive device
 Theoretical concepts about the neutralization methods of explosives
Convoy escort
 Convoy procedures, organization, measures of defense