Our goal is to give you a fantastic and as real as it can get military themed experience that you will enjoy, remember and be talking about for weeks to come. We use interactive props to enhance the games and most players get immersed into the scenarios we play. From time to time we also enlist actors to play various roles during the games, these may be injured civilians or hostages that need rescuing or even tyranical leaders of a religious cult.

Rescuing Hostages from a Terrorist situation.
Capturing and destroying a Drug Trafficking Factory and eliminating the Cartel.
Defending a village under attack from hostile forces. Rescuing down and injured pilots.
Retrieving Critical Intelligence from enemy occupied territory.
Defusing Weapons of Mass Destruction.
And many many more exciting scenarios.

We usually have a general storyline theme for each event we hold and always ensure that players get fully immersed in objectives within the scenarios.