Tactical Europa

Max Security International established in 2010 in UK as Max UK Security Solutions for CQC Combat Training,Military Fitness,Close Protection and Private Military Contractor Services. In 2015 The Company became an affiliated training center by NOCN to teach SIA (Security Industry Authority) courses in BLS. By forming Tactical Europe Training Academy for tactical shooting and weaponry training, the company expanded its business in UK,Europe,Balkans and Middle East in the limits of legal requirements and common laws.


Max Security also became a big solution for Security Companies, Bodyguarding Agencies and Private Military Agencies for their training needs to improve the standards.


Company instructors attending courses,seminars and exibitions to improve the quality and learning new trends. As well as giving training sessions experts do risk assessments,security control measurements for site,harbour and event security management worldwide.


At the moment The Company has offices and representatives in Bolton, Manchester, London, Belfast in UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France,- Luxembourg, Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Czech Rep. in EU, and Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Qatar and Kuwait.


The Team of instructors’ backgrounds are civil,ex police,ex military and retired intelligence officers.

Being a multi national and multicultural team we have Royal Marines, HMRC Worker, Parachute Regiment, British Army NCO, Turkish Special Forces,Turkish Police SWAT Manager, Ukrainian National Security Worker, CPO and PMC Trainers, Explosives Expert, SIA Security Trainer, Risk&Threat Analyst, National Kickboxing Team Captain, Krav Maga Combat Instructor.

Our staff have a track record of project management and delivering successful results for small, medium and large scale multinational programmes.This includes high quality training in the areas of security awareness,field assessments and coordination, security strategies and plans for diplomatic missions, international NGOs and companies in risky areas.

Also as a growing company we keep getting new instructors with diffe- rent skills and profession in the family.

We get support from governing bodies and other training centers to achieve for the best service.

Also our experts can be deployed across the world to deliver exceptio- nal training courses, meeting the individual requirements of clients and participants.